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HR Relations,

Communications & Advisory 


  • Manage internal communications i.e. internal portals, key updates  from executive, video briefings  

  • Provide support and guidance for sensitive employee conversations and changes 

  • Act as an extension of your business as a senior HR resource to employees or management team 

  • Develop engagement surveys to get to the heart of feedback and create action plan in response

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HR Technology,

Process & Operations 


  • Create policies and best practices to govern workplace, e.g. remote work & COVID safe return to work

  • Develop efficient processes across employee lifecycle from recruitment to offboarding 

  • Integrate technology as a means to automate repetitive HR tasks and create efficiencies 

  • Establish organizational design of HR department for maximum impact and efficiency

Leadership &

Management Development


  • Develop leadership and management training plans and courses, i.e. Mindful Leadership, Bootcamp for First Time Bosses

  • Train and coach managers on performance feedback conversations

  • Develop performance criteria for leaders in organization to reinforce the critical importance of a culture of strong leadership 

  • Assess leadership bench strength and create succession plans

Access Expert Advice  |   Elevate Business Results   |   Unlock People Potential 

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HR Audit

Strategic Planning

  • Translate business priorities into practical HR strategy and roadmap

  • Build the tactics, programs, timeline and metrics to support HR strategy

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of current HR policy and practice to identify risk and opportunity for efficiency and value-add 

  • Identify and manage the resources and talent needed to execute on HR strategy 

Talent Management Programming 

  • Analyze current organizational design and provide solutions to improve employee effectiveness

  • Refine or develop performance management programs to ensure alignment with business strategy 

  • Create culture of learning and development through mentoring and reverse mentoring programs

  • Capture critical organizational knowledge with succession plans for key talent areas

Culture Initiatives & Employee Experience


  • Develop culture strategy and roadmap (who are we and who do we want to be as an employer?)

  • Create customized culture seminars, programming and communications - i.e. Mental Health & Wellbeing, Psychological Safety at Work 

  • Build an employer brand that differentiates from competitors

  • Identify and pitch for relevant "Top Employer" surveys


Workplaces are changing. So is HR.

We are a great fit if you are looking for an experienced  HR professional who “gets stuff done” and “makes things happen” with an eye towards cultivating great culture.  Services are available on a part-time or as needed basis, offering flexibility to your needs and thereby saving you costs. 

Focus on what you do best in your business. 


Allow me to handle your HR challenges and cultivate a culture where people thrive.

What you will gain

Expertise and Passion

Access to senior level HR expertise.  The passion of someone who believes in creating great workplaces.

Increased Productivity

Engaged employees contribute significantly more discretionary effort on behalf of their employers.

Time Savings for Leadership
People issues can be complicated and are often left to busy leaders and executives to deal with

“off the side of their desk”.

Cost Reductions
Align your HR strategy to your business strategy to ensure you are spending where it makes sense.

Risk Management
Save reputational and hard costs through having the right protections and culture in place. 

Talent Development 
 Investing in your biggest asset, your people, result in financial returns for the organization. 


Expertise can mobilize resources to move major projects and initiatives across the finish line which may not be possible with existing staff complement. 


 Provide an outsider perspective to reach the next level with your HR function.