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Leadership Development

Services Offered

The time for a new model of leadership has come.  In a knowledge economy that is filled with uncertainty, volatility and change, having impactful and effective leaders who can access the best of your people is key to your organization's success.

This new model of leadership requires a high degree of emotional intelligence and intentionality.  Leaders who not only drive results, but who are self-aware, create psychological safety for their teams and who connect and inspire.

These are the qualities that will allow leaders to tap into the best efforts of their people, increase employee engagement and drive results for a business.  


I provide a number of leadership development offerings to inspire this new way of human-centric leading.  

Did you know that
managers account for up to

of team engagement?

Development Programs

My leadership development programs are designed to achieve transformational learning, but also increased connection and innovation so your leaders can leverage their collective talents and be a stronger, more effective team.


How It Works:  

We meet to discuss your team’s unique needs.  
I design a series of group sessions to address your team’s biggest challenges.


Duration of Programs:  

Most clients invest in a series of at least 4 - 6 sessions, spaced monthly,
but I also design year-long programs.

What Is Included:  

  • Group coaching / training sessions of 75 minutes facilitated by Zoom.  

  • Customized learning content “dripped” in between sessions in the form of short videos further exploring the learning topics. 

  • Customized workbooks to support and integrate the learnings and creation of an action plan.

Examples of series available:


Optimizing Your #1 Asset for Sustained Performance & Impact 
  • Personal Effectiveness – Creating Boundaries and Habits for Success in a Busy World 

  • The Inner Compass – Identifying Personal Values to Live & Lead Intentionally 

  • Know Your Mind – Thinking Traps that Hinder Us 

  • Building Personal Resiliency – Stress Reduction Strategies for the Mind, Body & Soul 

Being a Leader Who Matters

Human Centric Leadership for Hard Times
  • Mindfulness – A Powerful Leadership Competency 

  • Psychological Safety – Demystifying the #1 Driver of Team Effectiveness 

  • “Don’t Do As I Say” – The Coach Approach to Leadership

  • The Pathway to Healthier Workplaces - Mental Health 101, Burnout & Supporting Colleagues 

Manager Bootcamp

Essentials for First Time & Emerging Managers
  • Managers Need to Know – The Basics of Employment Law in BC 

  • Employee Engagement – What Is it, Why Does It Matter and How Do We Get It?

  • Can We Talk?  Skills for Difficult Conversations 

  • Psychological Safety – Demystifying the #1 Driver of Team Effectiveness 

You may also add 1:1 coaching for team members to further support your leaders and enhance the learning experience.


We offer any of the sessions listed above as individual workshops, and can also create customized training workshops for your teams.

What People Say

"Megan not only developed a comprehensive training program for our managers and directors, she infused it with creativity and fun. She facilitated 7 hours of online training over 2 days - not easy to do but her expertise, personality and genuineness made it an impactful experience. Beyond learning new skills, it was also a connective experience for our team and we received lots of positive feedback. I'd give Megan a 5/5 for the session and would highly recommend her as a facilitator and trainer."

Samantha Keenan-Naf

HR Manager
The Crystal Lodge

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