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Services Offered

I help organizations demonstrate their commitment to and care for their employees through connected and impactful speaking engagements & workshop facilitations.  As a former HR executive with a knack for story-telling and an ability to connect with others, I speak on a number of topics related to cultivating healthy workplace culture and personal well-being.  


I know from personal experience how challenging it is for Human Resources & learning departments to organize compelling and thought-provoking conversations internally.  Hiring an external speaker is a wonderful way to integrate an external perspective, increase learning & development and ultimately employee engagement.

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Some of my past speaking engagements have included:
  • The Pathway to Healthier Workplaces - Mental Health 101 & Supporting Colleagues

  • We All Contribute - Co-Creating Healthy Workplace Culture

  • Building Personal Resiliency – Strategies for the Mind, Body & Soul 

  • The Inner Compass - Identifying Personal Values to Build Resiliency 

  • Stress Reduction – Using Mindfulness Practices to Reduce Stress in Work & Life

  • Know Your Mind – Thinking Traps that Hinder Us 

In addition to the workshops listed above, I also work with organizations to create workshops specifically tailored to their needs, and have been hired as a speaker kick-off strategic planning and important all-hands staff meetings.
What People Say

"Megan is smart, personable, caring, and astute. When we asked her to lead a 60-minute lunch session for our employees on mental wellbeing, she didn’t simply grab something off the shelf and hit play. She listened and crafted a presentation to our needs. Megan immediately made everyone feel welcome in a virtual setting, and by combining her personal and professional experience, she facilitated a practical session on a difficult topic with ease and humility."

Bev Attfield – Principal of Workplace Science, Jostle

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