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The Heart of Workforce Well-Being

When we think of “workplace well-being”, we often think of “wellness” campaigns that encourage us to exercise, eat & sleep well and meditate. Those are wonderful offerings that can have real impact. But in the context of the key well-being drivers for business results, HBR’s recent research report breaks it down to 3 deeper cultural components. My belief is these cultural components are critical foundations if we want to create workplaces where well-being is truly prioritized.

  • Purpose – do employees understand how their work fulfills the greater purpose of the organization or can they see how it fits with their own personal purpose? Note that for some workers this tie to purpose may be a steady and reliable job that allows them to prioritize their life outside of work (ie. family).

  • Trust – do employees trust that their organization/leaders will “do the right thing” and act with integrity, particularly in hard times?

  • Appreciation - do employees feel recognized for their contribution and that they matter?

Organizations and leaders have innumerable opportunities to meet the mark or to miss it, every single day. The job market may currently favor employers but the tides will turn and employees will exercise choice around where they want to work. Smart organizations will embed purpose, trust and appreciation into their cultures through their programs, structure and management/leadership accountability. Imagine what is possible when organizations live these values and employees believe them to be true. Gives me goosebumps.

Reference Harvard Business Review Research Report - Cultivating Workforce Well-Being to Drive Business Value.

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