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The top 4 themes in my coaching sessions with law firm leaders

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

In my coaching and consulting practice, I work with a number of senior leaders in law firm management – managers and directors of various functions, COOs and partners in firm leadership roles. Every coaching engagement is different and driven entirely by the needs of the client, but there are a few general themes that come up time and time again.

This makes sense. Being a leader in law firm management offers many great advantages and an exciting professional experience. But there are also realities of working in a high-pressure and change-averse environment that can be challenging.

Following are the top 4 themes that come up in my work coaching law firm leaders

1. Building professional influence and impact

Many of the leaders I work with have a vision to make a difference in their firm. They want to make their firms better places to work. To contribute to more diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. To transform a traditional culture to one that is modern and #futureproof. And influencing change in a change-averse industry is not easy. It requires owning your position as an expert, gaining professional visibility, building a network of support and managing yourself so you show up confidently.

2. Navigating a professional change or being an agent of change for your firm Many of my clients are undertaking a professional change - they have taken on a new role in a new firm, have been promoted at their current firm or have taken on a new portfolio or function. They are looking for support in making their best impression as they get started. Other clients are established in their roles but are asked to be “agents of change” for an important new initiative, such as a formal hybrid work program or a software upgrade. Our work together often involves understanding how principles of change apply to ourselves and others, so we can lead in such a way that we inspire others, focus our energy where we can have the biggest impact (and let go of the rest).

3. (Re) Establishing work / life integration and connecting to your “why”

Law firms tend to be filled with high-achievers. As a leader in law, there are internal and external pressures on what is expected of us. Without proactively managing both our own and other's expectations of what is reasonable and sustainable, we can end up in a place where we feel disconnected from our role. Working with clients on work / life integration often means establishing and clearly communicating boundaries, identifying what drains their energy and what gives them energy, and creating a compelling “why” for creating small habit shifts that can add up to big change.

4. Offering a safe and confidential space to share and the benefit of thought partnership

Many of my clients simply need a space to share some of their challenges with someone who is completely unbiased and objective (not their boss, not their colleague). They also need someone with experience in the legal industry to brainstorm ideas and come up with great solutions that work for their unique circumstances.

Email me at to discuss coaching for you or someone on your team.

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